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More about colorvert..

Math-based CMYK conversions just weren't doing it for me, so I built this little guy to interact with color profiles to perform more accurate conversions for me. So here's the shtick - this little API uses a node module called colorvert to perform a wide range of conversions between profile and math-based color spaces. Colorvert actually uses another module called transicc for only the profile-based conversions.

For the sake of accuracy and consistency, the colorvert module uses Adobe's ICC profiles for the conversions - so converted colors should match those in Photoshop and Illustrator.

This API and colorvert itself are still relatively new, and contributions are welcome. Visit the project pages on Github (at the links above) to find out more about contributing to the tool, or post an issue you've found.

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How to convert colors.

Select a color space and enter a color, and then click the convert button to see the API response here.

Calling the HTTP JSON API

This tool is powered by the Colorvert HTTP API - a node module built using Express. Here are the endpoints:


If you're planning to batch convert colors, install the API locally to give my server a break. :)

Created by James Pederson

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